Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

They have become a symbol of individuality, a way to express one’s personality and beliefs. However, it wasn’t always like this. For centuries, tattoos were seen as taboo and associated with criminals and outcasts.

However, with the rise of social media and celebrity culture, they have gained mainstream acceptance and become a trend among all ages and backgrounds. Let them tattoo, and they will make you cool.

What Does The Let Them Tattoo Mean?

“Let them” isn’t just a call to action. Rather, it’s an endorsement of individuality. It’s about allowing people to make bold, personal statements through their ink. The phrase is a shoutout to personal freedom and artistic expression. It tells us to respect one’s choice to express themselves through. But, it goes beyond just self-expression.

It’s also about challenging societal norms. It’s a direct challenge to the stereotypes and stigmas attached to it. Ultimately, it is a call for acceptance. It’s urging us to appreciate the art and unique stories everyone tells. So, next time you see someone sporting a, remember they’re not just being trendy. They’re using their body as a canvas to share a piece of their world.

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Let Them Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo on Hand

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Remember, they are a significant form of self-expression. Your hand is a visible platform to showcase your beliefs, passions, or artistic taste. Perhaps you’re considering a small, discreet symbol on your finger. Or maybe a bold, intricate design spanning across your palm and fingers.

Regardless, your hand is a canvas waiting to be inked. The hand does come with a caveat, though. Due to the skin’s thinness and frequent exposure, they may require more touch-ups. Also, this shouldn’t deter you. Instead, it’s a reminder to choose your artist wisely. After all, a job well reflects their skills and your taste.

Let Them Wrist 

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Embrace the charm of the wrist! As we say, the wrist is a prime spot for this personal artistry. Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple. Wrist are versatile, providing a perfect canvas for subtle and bold designs. Maybe you’re drawn to a delicate script or a symbolic icon. Or perhaps, an intricate design that wraps around like a bracelet?

Whatever your choice, a wrist can truly reflect your style and personality. Importantly, it’s a visible reminder of the narrative you’re eager to share. Also, remember that the wrist is sensitive, so be prepared for a bit of a sting. Nonetheless, with a talented artist and an amazing concept, your wrist will be worth every moment of the process. So, let your wrist tell a story.

Let Them Forearm 

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Dare to bear with forearm! Truly, the forearm offers an expansive canvas for your personal ink story. Embodying the mantra, a forearm piece showcases your personality front and center. Opt for a statement piece that covers the entire arm, or choose a minimalistic design.

A forearm can be bold, subtle, or anywhere in between. Also, it’s a creative playground for various styles and sizes, from vibrant colors to black and white. Your forearm comes to life with each flex or reach, catching eyes and sparking conversation. Forearms do require a bit of courage, given their visibility. However, let this not intimidate you but empower you.

Let Them Matching 

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Matching, anyone? Embrace the beauty of unity and share stories with matching. They are not just about similar ink on the skin but a bonding experience. Whether you’re best friends, siblings, or a couple, matching deepens your connection. So, think about it. Is there a shared memory, a favorite quote, or a symbol that signifies your bond?

Translate it into a design and! Matching is more than just a statement. It’s an affirmation of your connection, visible and enduring. Also, however, remember, it’s a commitment. Like any, it’s permanent and should reflect mutual agreement and respect. Still, with the right design and person, it could be a beautiful, symbolic expression of your shared story.

Let Them Birth Flower 

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Indeed, birth flower! It’s a unique way to celebrate your birth month. Each month has an associated flower, symbolizing different traits. Hence, a birth flower isn’t just visually appealing; it’s also meaningful. Maybe it’s the resilient carnation for January babies or the exotic orchid for those born in November. Each flower holds a story waiting to be inked.

A birth flower doesn’t have to be elaborate. Also, it could be a simple outline or an intricate watercolor piece. The choice is yours. Regardless of the style, a birth flower gives a nod to your personal history. It’s an artful tribute to the month you were born, to your unique self. So, birth a flower, a celebration of your individuality in the most artistic way.

Let Them on Bicep

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Flex your style with a bicep! Yes, you heard it right: on the bicep. It’s the perfect spot for that statement piece or delicate design. With its natural curves and contours, the bicep provides an ideal canvas for dynamic designs. From simple linework to detailed imagery, your options are endless. Perhaps a tribal design appeals to you?

Or a poetic script? Also, whether you prefer an understated symbol or a full-scale art piece, bicep cater to all tastes. Like your bicep flexes with strength, let your flex your personality. Remember, a bicep can be an empowering symbol of your unique journey. It’s more than just cool. It’s a testament to your individuality, proudly displayed with every flex.

Let Them Neck Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Dare to ink with the neck! Yes, the neck. It’s bold, it’s noticeable, and it’s undeniably cool. Your neck is a high-visibility canvas, perfect for showcasing your narrative. Considering a delicate script whispering down your neck? Or perhaps a vibrant, intricate design wrapping around your throat? It’s all possible.

However, necks aren’t for the faint-hearted. The skin is sensitive, and the process could be slightly uncomfortable. But the result? A striking piece of art that turns heads wherever you go. So, on your neck, make your statement to the world. Each glance at you is an invitation to explore your narrative. Remember, a neck isn’t just about being trendy.

Let Them Watercolor Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Dive into the vibrant world of watercolor! Yes, in hues of watercolor. These emulate the beautiful, fluid nature of watercolor paintings. Also, they bring your skin to life with their splashes of color and delicate transitions. Perhaps a dainty floral design rendered in watercolor is your style? Or maybe an abstract piece that bursts with color?

With watercolor, there are no boundaries. Every shade and shape is possible. However, do note that these require an experienced hand. The blend of colors and gradients needs a skilled artist. So, choose your artist wisely. A well-done watercolor is like a piece of fine art. It showcases your vibrant personality and artistic taste. So, watercolor is painting your story in vivid colors.

Let Them Foot Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Step into the world of foot! Yes, you read that right, on the foot. This location offers a discreet canvas for your expression. Also, maybe a small, delicate symbol to adorn your foot? Or a detailed design that plays along the lines of your toes? Your foot provides a surprising space for creativity.

But remember, feet can be a bit more challenging to heal due to their exposure. So, show your foot some extra love during the healing process. Despite this, foot offers an intriguing allure. They’re a hidden surprise that pops out in sandals or barefoot moments. So, on your foot, unveiling your narrative step by step.

Spine Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Embrace the intrigue of the spine! Indeed,  down your backbone. Your spine, a literal pillar of strength, offers a striking canvas for ink. Consider a minimalist line tracing your vertebrae or a floral cascade dancing down your back. Also, the spine provides an unusual yet enticing space. Also, however, remember this area can be quite sensitive.

It might be a bit more uncomfortable, but the outcome? A breathtaking piece that adds an unexpected element to your ink collection. Spine, hidden yet impactful, is a testament to your bravery and resilience. So, down your spine, create a stunning masterpiece that runs along your backbone. Let your spine become a symbol of your strength, expressed through ink.

Infinity Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

An infinity is not just a trend. It’s a powerful symbol representing eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love. Besides, it’s aesthetically pleasing and versatile, making it an ideal choice for first-time inkers and veterans. You can use a simple, minimalist design or add elements like hearts, birds, or names to make it more personal.

The possibilities are indeed endless. Remember, they are permanent. So, make sure your design resonates with you on a deeper level. Don’t rush the process. Also, take your time to find the perfect design. After all, your infinity should be as timeless as the concept it represents.

Cross Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

The cross is more than a religious symbol. Also, they manifest faith, hope, and personal beliefs. This design, steeped in tradition, appeals to both the spiritual and the secular. There’s a myriad of cross designs to choose from. Simple, intricate, Celtic, tribal, the list goes on. Remember, it’s about reflecting on your own story.

You can incorporate other elements, such as roses for love, birds for freedom, or a loved one’s name. Make it unique. The process demands patience. The selection is personal and intimate. Don’t hurry it. Also, as with the infinity, ensure your cross aligns with your core values. After all, it will be a permanent mark of your identity.

Tattoo on Leg

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Leg, for sure, is a distinctive choice. Also, they’re visible yet easily hidden, a balance many seek. Choosing this spot implies a bold, confident personality. Yet, it’s crucial to select the right design. With a large canvas, you have room for creativity. From intricate full-leg designs to subtle ankles, the options are vast.

You could consider tribal designs, personal quotes, or landscapes. Perhaps think about telling a story. Each element could symbolize a different chapter of your life. Also, whatever design you pick, ensure it reflects your personality. Consult with your artist to tailor the best design. Getting a leg can be an exciting, self-defining journey.

Gothic Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Embrace the dark side with a Gothic. Steeped in rich medieval history, these can be a striking display of personality. Something is alluring about Gothic designs’ mysterious, ornate, and often macabre nature. Whether you choose an iconic Gothic symbol, like a bat or a skull, or lean towards Gothic script, it’s all about expressing your unique persona.

Don’t shy away from adding a personal twist. Blend traditional elements with modern style. Perhaps a Gothic rose wreathed in tribal design? Your Gothic could embody a range of sentiments, from emotional strength to a love for the obscure. Seek your artist’s advice to perfect your design. Also, remember, let your Gothic, like any good tale, be intriguing, profound, and undeniably you.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Take a bold stride into the world of color with a peacock feather. This vibrant design choice boasts deep symbolism across various cultures. In many traditions, the peacock symbolizes integrity and the beauty we can achieve when showing our true colors. Meanwhile, the feathers symbolize renewal, rejuvenation, and a fresh start.

The peacock feather is your canvas of self-expression. It’s okay to play with color, scale, and placement. Consult your artist for creative suggestions. Also, remember you should resonate with your narrative. Let your peacock feather unfurl, shimmering in its unique beauty and a daily reminder of your unwavering integrity.

Skeleton Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Delve into the profound realm of symbolism with a skeleton. This edgy design choice is more than just a macabre aesthetic. It is a poignant reflection of life, mortality, and the transient nature of human existence. Yes, it might seem dark, but it’s also deeply meaningful. You could choose a realistic, detailed depiction or a minimalist, abstract design.

Or a skull paired with blooming roses, signifying life and death’s beautiful paradox? Also, this is your tale to etch in ink. Let your skeleton be a powerful reminder of the fleeting beauty of life. Engage with your artist to find a design that captures your narrative profoundly and personally significantly.

Dandelion Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Drift into the world of whimsy with a dandelion. Also, this enchanting design captures the delicate, fleeting beauty of dandelion seeds drifting in the wind. To many, it symbolizes hope, dreams, and freedom. You can choose a simplistic, minimalist, detailed, realistic design. Maybe even a watercolor dandelion for an artistic touch.

It’s your story to tell. Each floating seed could symbolize a significant moment or wish in your life. So, let your creativity fly, much like the dandelion seeds in the breeze. Don’t hesitate to consult with your artist to refine your design. Allow your dandelion to be an alluring symbol of your desires and dreams taking flight.

Let Them Shoulder Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Shoulders are indeed a bold statement. Also, they are a unique blend of visibility and concealability. Choosing this spot shows off a distinct confidence. But remember, choosing the right design is vital. With a broad canvas, you have room for imaginative designs. From detailed sleeves to delicate shoulder caps, the possibilities are many.

You could consider a striking animal motif, a meaningful quote, or an elegant floral design. Your design could narrate a personal tale. Your artist can help tailor the best design. Getting a shoulder is an exciting, transformative experience. So, relish the journey and let your shoulder truly express your character.

Let Them Cover Up Tattoo

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Embrace the opportunity for transformation with a cover-up. You may have an old one you no longer connect with. However, it doesn’t have to be a permanent regret. Instead, consider it a canvas for new creations. A skilled artist can work magic, turning an old design into something new and meaningful. Maybe you could turn that old heart into a stunning rose, or perhaps the faded tribal design could morph into an intricate dragon.

Everything tells a story; a cover-up is a chance to rewrite yours. Yet, not all designs are suitable for cover-ups. Therefore, please consult with your artist, brainstorm design ideas, and align them with your story. Let your cover-up signify growth, change, and the beauty of second chances. Also, it’s your narrative, so let it evolve with you.

Let Them Semicolon 

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Step into the realm of subtle symbolism with a semicolon. Also, this minimalist design, in its simplicity, speaks volumes. It symbolizes a pause, not an end – a powerful mental health symbol. Choosing a semicolon displays inner strength, resilience, and a powerful life story. It’s versatile; consider pairing it with a personal quote or a significant date.

Consult your artist for a design that beautifully blends with your narrative. As always, ensure it resonates deeply with you. It’s more than just a statement. Much like a semicolon in a sentence, it signifies a pause but not the end. So, let your semicolon be an emblem of your courage and unwavering strength.

Let Them Behind The Ear

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Step into the world of subtlety with a behind-the-ear. This trendy choice is perfect for those seeking discreet yet intriguing ink. It’s an area small in size but vast in potential. From delicate floral designs to meaningful symbols, the possibilities are diverse. Maybe a tiny music note to showcase your love for melodies?

Or a subtle star constellation to reflect your celestial curiosity? Also, it’s your space to personalize. Remember, it’s all about your unique narrative. Your artist can help bring your vision to life. However, ensure your design holds personal significance. After all, you will whisper your story softly yet powerfully.

Let Them Bee 

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Buzz into the world of vibrant symbolism with a bee. This charming design choice offers rich meaning, echoing hard work, community, and resilience themes. From realistic designs to minimalist outlines, the variety is as diverse as a beehive. Maybe a tiny bee paired with a honeycomb pattern? Or perhaps a queen bee to symbolize your feminine power?

Remember, your bee should be a reflection of your unique journey. Talk with your artist to perfect your design. Inject it with personal touches, and ensure it resonates with you. Also, let your bee be a bold statement of your work ethic and spirit of togetherness. Indeed, like a busy bee, your journey should be filled with purpose and passion.

Let Them Ankle 

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Venture into the world of discreet artistry with an ankle. Also, this choice marries subtlety with style, perfect for those preferring low-key ink. The ankle offers a petite canvas yet brimming with potential. From charming floral designs to significant symbols, the range is broad. Perhaps a tiny anchor to signify stability? Or a delicate feather to mirror your free spirit?

Remember, your ankle, though small, should be filled with personal significance. Also, it’s not just a trend but a lifelong mark. Collaborate with your artist to perfect your design. Add your twist to make it uniquely yours. Let your ankle be a charming hint of your personality, quietly revealing your story.

Let Them Tattoo With Flowers

“Let them tattoo with flowers” is a poetic call to embrace the beauty and symbolism of nature in the art of tattooing. It suggests a departure from conventional motifs towards a more organic and meaningful expression. With their diverse colors, shapes, and meanings, flowers offer endless possibilities for personalization and storytelling in tattoos.

This phrase invites individuals to adorn their bodies with floral designs, not just as decorative elements but as reflections of their inner selves, experiences, and connections to the natural world. It encourages a celebration of individuality and the fusion of artistry with the ephemeral beauty of nature.

Let Them Crown 

Let Them Tattoo: That Make You Cool

Dive into the realm of regality with a crown. Also, this powerful symbol signifies authority, power, and leadership. Not only that, it’s a mark of self-affirmation and self-belief. The options are manifold, from delicate, minimalist designs to intricate, jeweled representations. Maybe a dainty crown to symbolize your inner princess? Or perhaps a lion crowned king, signifying courage and strength?

Your crown is a proclamation of your inner royalty. Collaborate with your artist to refine your vision. Infuse your flair to make it uniquely yours. Just like a monarch’s reign, the design should reflect your journey. Also, a crown can be a powerful proclamation of your leadership and tenacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tattoo that says “let them” mean?

The meaning of a can vary based on personal interpretation. Also, it might suggest letting others be themselves without judgment or interference.

How long do tattoos spread?

They do not inherently spread. The appearance of a can change over time due to aging, sun exposure, and skin changes, but the ink itself does not spread.

What makes a good tattoo?

A good is subjective but generally involves factors like skilled artistry, clear and meaningful design, proper placement, and vibrant colors that withstand the test of time.

How long does a tattoo take to heal?

The healing time varies, typically taking about 2 to 3 weeks. Complete healing involves the skin returning to its normal texture and removing scabs or peeling.

How long does tattoo peeling last?

Peeling is a normal part of the healing process and usually lasts about 1 to 2 weeks. Also, not forcing or picking at the peeling skin is essential.

How do you take care of a tattoo?

Proper care involves cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting it from the sun. Follow the aftercare instructions provided by the artist, including avoiding scratching or picking at the healing skin.

How often should I wash my tattoo?

Wash your new gently with mild, fragrance-free soap 2-3 times daily during the initial healing phase. After the heals, maintaining regular hygiene practices is sufficient.


In the end, tattoos are personal journeys inked onto our skin. They tell our tales, express our beliefs, and radiate our personalities. Remember, each design symbolizes something unique to you. Also, your choices are endless, from the eternally timeless infinity, the spiritual cross, to the vibrant peacock feather. On the leg, behind the ear, or should, der hold their charm.

And don’t forget, the subtle semicolon, the buzzing bee, the delicate ankle, or the regal crown have their distinct allure. Your journey is a reflection of your unique spirit. So, embrace the process, take your time, and let your  Gothic, skeleton, dandelion, or anything else—narrate your amazing, unforgettable sstoreare more than just ink.

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