The 15 Best Tattoo Shops Near Me (with Prices & Reviews) 2024 Updated

They have compiled a list of the 15 Best Tattoo Shops Near Me with prices and reviews, all updated for 2024. Whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast or a first-timer, finding the right tattoo artist and shop is crucial for a successful and satisfying tattoo experience.

From traditional to modern, black and white to full colour, these shops offer various styles and techniques to cater to all your tattoo needs. Moreover, they have also included prices and reviews from real customers to help you make an informed decision.

What Services Do Tattoo Shops Provide?

Tattoo shops offer a range of services related to the art of tattooing. First and foremost, they provide the core service of creating permanent body art by injecting ink into the skin using specialized tattoo machines. Professional tattoo artists consult with clients to understand their design ideas and preferences, ensuring a personalized and meaningful tattoo.

Additionally, many tattoo shops offer custom design services, where artists collaborate with clients to create unique and one-of-a-kind designs. Some shops also provide piercing services, expanding their offerings to include body modifications beyond tattoos. To ensure clients ‘ safe and clean environment, sterilization and hygiene practices are paramount in reputable tattoo shops.

Best Tattoo Shops Near Me

Zebra Tattoo & Body Piercing

First on our list is Zebra Tattoo & Body Piercing. This well-established Best Tattoo Shops Near Me has been around for decades, earning a stellar reputation for quality work. Not only do they offer a broad range of tattoo styles, but also body piercings. With a team of experienced tattoo artists, they’re ready to bring your design ideas to life. Their artistry extends from classic black-and-white tattoos to vibrant, full-color pieces.

The shop is renowned for maintaining high cleanliness, which is of utmost importance in this business. On top of that, they charge reasonable prices for their services. According to customer reviews, Zebra Tattoo & Body Piercing provides a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. This ensures a pleasant tattooing experience, especially for first-timers.

Proper Tattoo

Next up is Proper Tattoo, another top-rated shop. Known for its professional and talented artists, this shop offers an array of tattoo styles. From bold, vivid colors to intricate black and grey work, the artists at Proper Tattoo can do it all. They’re passionate about creating unique, personalized designs that reflect each client’s vision. The shop’s hygienic and inviting atmosphere is frequently highlighted in customer reviews.

It’s a place where clients feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their tattooing journey. The prices at Proper Tattoo are also competitive, adding to its appeal. It’s no wonder many customers return for their subsequent tattoos. However, it’s important to note that this popular tattoo shop can get busy, so booking an appointment ahead of time is advised. So, if you’re looking for a shop combining talent, professionalism, and cleanliness, Proper Tattoo is worth considering.

Body Manipulations

Body Manipulations makes it to our list, being a renowned name in the Best Tattoo Shops Near Me industry. This veteran shop has made a lasting mark, delivering stunning tattoos. Home to some of the most skilled artists, their unique designs often awe clients. You’ll find diversity in styles here, from neo-traditional to photorealism, dotwork to blackwork. Customers rave about the welcoming environment, setting the tone for an unforgettable tattoo experience.

Emphasizing cleanliness, Body Manipulations leave no room for compromise on hygiene. Their prices are competitive, making it an even more attractive choice. Customer service is top-notch, with the staff providing helpful pre and post-tattoo care advice. Just like the others, this place gets packed. Therefore, ensure that you schedule your appointment early.

The Plug Tattoo & Piercing

The Plug Best Tattoo Shops Near Me & Piercing deserves a spot on our list. Also, this bustling shop is noted for its top-tier artwork and stellar customer service. From the moment you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a friendly staff and a spotless environment. The artists at The Plug are known for their versatility. Whether you seek a minimalist design or a detailed portrait, they’ve covered you.

They masterfully handle a plethora of styles, giving you endless options. Also, their professionalism extends to their commitment to cleanliness, prioritizing health and safety. While prices here are slightly higher, you’re paying for exceptional quality and service. Customer reviews frequently mention the shop’s warm, laid-back vibe, making each visit enjoyable. As always, booking ahead is wise as The Plug Tattoo & Piercing can fill up quickly.

The 15 Best Tattoo Shops Near Me (with Prices & Reviews) 2024 Updated

Picture Machine Tattoo

Stepping into Picture Machine Best Tattoo Shops Near Me, you’re entering a world of artistry. This Best Tattoo Shops Near Me is home to some of the most talented tattoo artists in the industry. Whether you want a traditional tattoo or something more avant-garde, their diverse team has you covered. Every tattoo artist here is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with precision and creativity.

The shop boasts a clean, modern environment that puts even first-timers at ease. Additionally, Picture Machine Tattoo prides itself on its transparent pricing. Customer reviews are consistently positive, lauding the shop’s professional yet warm atmosphere. While booking in advance is always best, this is particularly true for Picture Machine Tattoo. Their reputation often leads to a busy schedule.

Eye of the Tiger Tattoo

Eye of the Tiger Tattoo is another remarkable spot worth your attention. Also, the shop shines with seasoned artists who are skillful in many styles. They truly excel in their craft, from intricate line work to bold color tattoos. Each artist here brings a unique flair, ensuring your tattoo stands out. Reviews point out the high hygiene standards maintained, matching their artistic prowess.

The shop’s vibe is chilled and friendly, making every visit memorable. Prices are well balanced, mirroring the quality of work done. Eye of the Tiger Tattoo is busy, so booking ahead is recommended. The team’s approachability is a bonus, keeping you at ease throughout your tattoo journey. With Eye of the Tiger Tattoo, you’re in capable and creative hands.

Royalty Tattoo Collective

Delve into the world of creative brilliance at Royalty Tattoo Collective. Home to a team of masterful artists, this shop is renowned for its diverse tattoo styles. Also, whether you crave bold colors or prefer detailed line work, they can expertly fulfill your request. Their dedication to maintaining a clean and sanitary environment equals their artistic commitment.

They’ve garnered rave reviews for their friendly, professional atmosphere and competitive pricing structure. Customers particularly laud their approach and commitment to crafting a tattoo perfectly tailored to each individual’s vision. Always bustling with activity, booking an appointment in advance at Royalty Tattoo Collective is highly recommended. Your tattoo dreams will seamlessly come to life, exceeding your expectations at every turn.

DC Tattoo

Step into DC Best Tattoo Shops Near Me, a hub of artistic brilliance and professionalism. The shop boasts a team of seasoned artists skilled in many styles. Whether you’re drawn to bold color work or favor intricate black and grey pieces, they’ve got you covered. They are strongly committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment, equalling their artistic dedication.

Customers rave about the shop’s welcoming atmosphere and the artists’ ability to capture their vision flawlessly. Pricing at DC Tattoo is competitive and transparent, garnering further praise. Also, the team’s approachability and dedication to customer satisfaction set them apart. Remember that this shop is popular, so booking an appointment in advance is recommended. With DC Tattoo, your tattoo experience is sure to be a positive and memorable one.

Body Manipulations

Venture into the bustling heart of San Francisco to find Body Manipulations, a top-rated tattoo and piercing shop. Established in 1992, it’s one of the city’s oldest, boasting a skilled crew of artists who infuse creativity into every tattoo. Walking in, you’re greeted by an atmosphere that strikes the perfect balance between professional and relaxed.

From detailed black and white pieces to vibrant, colorful designs, Body Manipulations never disappoint. Tattoo prices usually range from $100 – $200 per hour, but these can vary based on complexity and size. Customers frequently applaud their exceptional service and hygiene standards. Before you leave, check out their broad selection of body jewelry. Next, let’s look at another renowned studio, Black & Blue Tattoo.

The 15 Best Tattoo Shops Near Me (with Prices & Reviews) 2024 Updated

Black & Blue Tattoo

Shifting our focus to the vibrant district of Mission, we encounter Black & Blue Tattoo. Also, this woman-owned and operated tattoo parlor has been gracing the neighborhood since 1995. Its distinctive and artful designs make it popular for those seeking a unique aesthetic. You’ll find a diverse team of talented artists with distinct styles and specializations inside.

Whether traditional, neo-traditional, or photo-realism, they’ve got you covered. Prices hover around $200 per hour, but the breathtaking results make every penny worth it. The shop shines not only for its artistry but also for its staunch commitment to cleanliness. Continuing our tattoo tour, let’s explore Rose Gold’s Tattoo & Piercing next.

Rose Gold’s Tattoo & Piercing

In the heart of Haight-Ashbury lies Rose Gold’s Tattoo & Piercing, a haven for bespoke body art. Renowned for its eclectic blend of vintage aesthetics and modern techniques, this shop attracts discerning clients. Also, you’ll be enveloped by an environment rich with artistry and professionalism as you enter the door.

The artists here masterfully craft bold, colorful tattoos and intricate black-and-white pieces. Prices usually range from $150-$250 per hour, reflecting the expertise of their tattooists. Their reputation for maintaining a spotless workspace sets them apart. Additionally, the shop also offers an impressive array of high-quality body jewelry. Let’s gear up to explore another exceptional spot, Mom’s Body Shop Tattoo & Piercing.

Mom’s Body Shop Tattoo & Piercing

Heading a few blocks east, you’ll stumble upon the quirky yet inviting Mom’s Body Shop Tattoo & Piercing. A fixture of the Haight-Ashbury district since 1998, this shop is famed for its diverse collection of tattoo styles. A friendly, knowledgeable team of artists greets every client, eager to turn your body art vision into a reality. From simple line work to elaborate full-color masterpieces, there’s no design too challenging.

Prices generally fall between $120 and $180 per hour, making them a wallet-friendly option without compromising quality. Customers rave about the shop’s stringent adherence to safety and cleanliness. Besides tattoos, they also offer professional piercing services and many unique body jewelry. Without a pause, let’s head to the next standout tattoo parlor, Haight Ashbury Tattoo and Piercing.

Haight Ashbury Tattoo and Piercing

Immerse yourself in the world of ink at Haight Ashbury Best Tattoo Shops Near Me and Piercing, a reputable establishment in the heart of San Francisco. With its inception in the early 2000s, this shop quickly rose to prominence for its artistic versatility. Whether it’s minimalist designs or expansive, color-saturated creations, you’re in safe hands here.

Expect to pay around $150 to $250 per hour, a testament to the artists’ skill and precision. Also, their dedication to maintaining a pristine workspace and promoting safe tattoo practices is commendable. Haight Ashbury also prides itself on its vast assortment of body jewelry. Onward, we delve into the next ink haven, One Shot Tattoo.

One Shot Tattoo

Our Best Tattoo Shops Near Me journey leads us next to the eclectic Inner Sunset neighborhood, where One Shot Tattoo thrives. This gem, brimming with originality and craftsmanship, has served clients since 2001. Upon entering, you’re greeted by a warm, inviting ambiance and a proficient team of artists. Whether you’re after bold, large-scale pieces or subtle, delicate tattoos, they deliver with outstanding finesse.

Also, tattoo rates typically fluctuate between $150-$200 per hour, which is justified by their impeccable work. What sets them apart is their commitment to personalized service and rigorous cleanliness. Customers laud their patient approach and the time they invest in understanding each client’s vision. In addition to tattoos, they also boast a range of high-quality body jewelry. Next, we’re off to another exceptional tattoo parlor, Mission Ink Tattoo & Piercing.

Mission Ink Tattoo & Piercing

Our inky exploration takes us next to the Mission district, where Mission Ink Tattoo & Piercing reigns. Since 2008, this renowned Best Tattoo Shops Near Me has embraced various styles, from tribal to realism. A vibrant, lively atmosphere, accompanied by a team of artistic prodigies, greets you upon entry.

Each piece they create brims with distinctive personality and attention to detail. Best Tattoo Shops Near Me rates here are approximately $180 – $220 per hour, a price justified by their notable craftsmanship. A standout feature is their unyielding dedication to cleanliness and safety. They also provide a broad range of high-quality body jewelry. From here, let’s continue our journey to Idle Hand Tattoo.

The 15 Best Tattoo Shops Near Me (with Prices & Reviews) 2024 Updated

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a tattoo cost in Pakistan?

Prices vary, but small Best Tattoo Shops Near Me can start around PKR 2,000-5,000, while larger or intricate designs can range higher.

What area is best for a tattoo shop?

Popular urban areas or cities with a creative scene often have good tattoo shops. Look for reputable studios with skilled artists.

What is a good first tattoo?

Simple designs with personal meaning or significance, like initials, small symbols, or meaningful quotes, often make good first tattoos.

What is the rate of an expensive tattoo?

Expensive Best Tattoo Shops Near Me depend on size, design complexity, and artist expertise, ranging from several thousand rupees to higher amounts.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Look for reputable Best Tattoo Shops Near Me studios with skilled artists, strong hygiene practices, and a portfolio that aligns with your desired style.

What is a good tattoo quality?

Good Best Tattoo Shops Near Me quality includes clean, precise lines, solid color saturation, proper shading, and adherence to safety and hygiene standards.


And there you have it – a curated list of the Best Tattoo Shops Near Me in San Francisco. Also, from the longstanding Body Manipulations to the vibrant Mission Ink Tattoo & Piercing, each shop offers a unique ambiance, talented artists, and uncompromising hygiene standards. Whether you’re searching for intricate designs, bold color work, or subtle line art, these parlors won’t disappoint.

Remember, Best Tattoo Shops Near Me prices can fluctuate based on design complexity, size, and artist expertise. Nevertheless, the lifelong commitment to your chosen body art justifies the investment. After all, tattoos are more than ink on the skin; they’re a testament to personal journeys, cherished memories, and expressions of individuality. So, dive in and start your tattoo adventure at these exceptional parlors today!

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